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Real-Time Failure Prevention© System

Barry Snider and Refinery Background

Is It Possible to Save
$100,000,000 Annually in Avoided Losses?


The Real-Time Failure Prevention System Logo Medium Real-Time Failure Prevention System is not something you purchase, but something you learn and adopt as a new culture and commitment for managing risk and reliability.

The incorporation of this system into your facilities requires:
No new software
No new hardware
No mobile data collectors
No advanced condition monitoring
No data analytics technology
No additional personnel

After 18 years of research, 4 years of development & 3 years of testing at the largest refinery in the Western Hemisphere, I am proud to announce the creation of The Real-Time Failure Prevention System Logo small Real-Time Failure Prevention© System.
It is the most innovative, most effective, least expensive, and easiest to implement system for preventing failures and managing risks.

"sleep well"

Barry Snider, MBA, PE
Small Hammer Incorporated
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At Small Hammer, we prevent failures, and we do it
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