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Real-Time Failure Prevention© System

Barry Snider and Refinery Background

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The consultants and partners at Small Hammer combine three innovative technologies:

  • Human Reliability
  • Organization Design
  • Workforce Performance Management

Into the Real-Time Failure Prevention System Logo Medium Real-Time Failure Prevention System. The Real-Time Failure Prevention System Logo Medium System creates a new culture, a new commitment, a new approach to managing pipeline networks, refineries, and chemical production facilities that will significantly:

  • Reduce SHE Events
  • Prevent Production Losses
  • Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • Assure Regulatory Compliance
  • Manage Asset Integrity and Performance
Small Hammer President Barry Snider

After 20 years of research, 4 years of development & 2 years of testing, I am proud to announce the creation of The Real-Time Failure Prevention System Logo small Real-Time Failure Prevention© System. It is the most innovative, most effective, least expensive, and easiest to implement system for preventing failures and managing risks for midstream and downstream oil and gas facilities.


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