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Every change, every program, every initiative, every task, decision, and action at your pipeline facilities, refineries, and chemical plants are performed by members of your organization. Partnering with Small Hammer Incorporated can elevate your workforce to extraordinary levels of performance that directly affect your bottom line as well as improve your SHE, cost management, and regulatory compliance.

Small Hammer Incorporated [Small Hammer] is a strategic and experienced consulting firm offering three advanced, high-value services:

Human Reliability – producing advanced techniques for identifying and correcting the causes of human error. Studies show that over 80% of all equipment failures begin with a decision and action/inaction performed incorrectly. Eliminating the causes of human error is worth tens of millions of dollars at pipeline networks, major refineries, and petrochemical plants. Small Hammer has expertise in behavior management that strengthens the decisions and actions to prevent human error.

Small Hammer Inc. Dirty Dozen

Organization Design – applying proven strategies to establish, monitor, measure, identify deficiencies, take corrective actions, and sustain organizational performance. Nearly all organizations at pipeline facilities, refineries, and petrochemical plants are highly dysfunctional. Applying advanced technologies can eliminate the dysfunction and return millions of dollars to a company's bottom line. Small Hammer has expertise in making organizations function at the highest levels.

Small Hammer Inc Dysfunctional Silos Small Hammer Inc. Collaborative, Cross-Functional Silos

Workforce Performance Management – transforming your organization, teams, and individuals into a highly effective and efficient collaborative workforce. Just as all equipment, processes, and systems at pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants are inspected, monitored, and maintained by a trained technical staff; organizations, teams, and individuals require the same technical oversight. Small Hammer has expertise in enabling, inspiring, coaching and mentoring all levels of your workforce to create a self-disciplined, self-monitoring, learning organization worth millions of dollars in avoided losses.

Small Hammer Inc. Continuous Improvement vs. Disruptive Innovation

Small Hammer is uniquely qualified to advance your human resources at pipeline facilities, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Our consultants have over 40 years experience working inside production organizations in positions covering operations, maintenance, inspection, technical support, team supervision, and refinery management. Couple this experience with expertise in organization design and behavioral psychology and you have the only company available to accurately advise and consult on your pipeline and plant workforce development needs. If your future involves any changes to your workforce, especially those changes involving digital transformations, Small Hammer is ready to guide you on the best path forward.

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