A New Definition of Failure

The oil and gas industry and almost all other industries define failure using the popular and widely distributed Potential-Functional (P-F) Failure Curve. The notion is that a piece of equipment, at some point in time, will begin to exhibit decreased performance. This is labeled the Potential Failure. If allowed to progress, the performance will continue to decrease until the point of Functional Failure.

The Current definition of failures is the point of Functional Failure

The time between the Potential Failure and the Functional Failure is called the P-F Interval. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent trying to detect the Potential Failures in order to prevent the Functional Failures using techniques such as preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and condition monitoring.

At Small Hammer, the new definition of failure is the point of Potential Failure

This is a paradigm shift in thinking and creates an entirely new approach to preventing failures. We design inspection programs to identify the Conditions, Factors, Errors, and Violations which cause the events that lead to the potential failures.

New Definition of Failure

At Small Hammer, we prevent failures, and we do it
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